The Public

This website was created by Graham Peet* and Linda Saunders** to record the achievements of The Public. It was a risky and controversial project from the start in 1995. It was often misunderstood.


"But what is it for?" was a question often asked by funders.


In the end that question stopped being asked. It had become obvious to hundreds of thousands of visitors what it was for. It was about making West Bromwich a better place to live.


That is a tribute to the thousands of people who worked on making The Public.


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* Graham Peet was a member of the original group of people at Jubilee Arts who initiated the idea of The Public. He went on to become the Exhibitions Manager at The Public until 2013.


** Linda Saunders was Managing Director of The Public from 2009 to 2013. With the team from Sandwell Arts Trust and SMBC, She completed the building. Her goal was to make The Public a place for the people of Sandwell and somewhere that brought artists, performers, visitors to the Borough.




In loving memory of The Public